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OLO auction of 19/06/2017

The Belgian Debt Agency informs you that the following 3 OLO lines will be auctioned on Monday, 19 June 2017 :

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Federal Government Debt at end May 2017

The Belgian Federal Government Debt amounted to EUR 392.74 billion as of 31 May 2017.

Debt issued or taken over by the federal government amounted to EUR 392.48 billion, and the institutions for which the federal government supports the debt service, registered a debt of EUR 0.26 billion.

In net terms (i.e. deducting financial deposits and investments, as well as securities owned by the Treasury), the Federal Government Debt amounted to EUR 375.35 billion.

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Results of the Treasury certificate auction of 30/05/2017

The Belgian Debt Agency informs you that it has accepted bids of Treasury certificates for a total amount of EUR 1.374 billion, distributed into the following lines :

ISIN Code : BE0312746184 - 14/09/2017
Amount taken (EUR billion): 0.600
Weighted average yield : -0.607 %
Bid-to-cover ratio : 2.46

ISIN Code : BE0312748206 - 09/11/2017
Amount taken (EUR billion): 0.774
Weighted average yield : -0.603 %
Bid-to-cover ratio : 2.21

See our Reuters page BELG/TC or Bloomberg page BELG - TC Auctions - Results.

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Kingdom of Belgium new € 3.0 billion 1.45% 20-year OLO 84 - benchmark: transaction summary

Press release from the Belgian Debt Agency
Please find attached the summary of the 20y OLO syndicated benchmark transaction, being the last out of the three announced fixed-coupon benchmark issues in 2017.
With the proceeds amounting to EUR 3.0 bn., the Kingdom has achieved more than a half of its 2017 OLO funding plan.
Moreover, and in line with the Kingdom’s strategy, this issue again will positively influence the overall risk parameters and the average life of the debt portfolio in particular.

Read on - 24/05/2017 10:43 - Belgian Debt Agency

OLO 2037 - pricing

The 1.45% EURO 3 billion OLO84 benchmark issue, maturing 22nd June, 2037 for the KINGDOM OF BELGIUM, rated Aa3/AA/AA-, is now priced.
Issue/Reoffer price 99.396 , to yield 1.485 %, equivalent to 8 bps over mid swaps.
Payment date 31st  May, 2017. Long first coupon on 22nd June, 2018. Listing Brussels.
Belgian law. No XD, no NP. FM2 (with prior consultation with the issuer) applies.
Fees total 22.5 cts.
Reg S Category 1, 144A eligible,  CAC,  FCA / ICMA Stabilisation.
Joint leads and books : Barclays, Morgan Stanley, NatWest Markets and SG CIB.
Co-lead group: BNP Paribas Fortis, Crédit Agricole, Citi, HSBC, ING, J.P. Morgan, KBC Bank, Natixis and Nomura International.
Selling group: ABN-Amro, Belfius, Commerzbank, Goldman Sachs, Rabobank and Scotia Capital.

Read on - 24/05/2017 09:11 - Belgian Debt Agency