Other official information and services: www.belgium.be

General questions

Where can I find out more about Belgium and the Belgian government?

More information about Belgium can be found on the website www.belgium.be. To find out more about the Belgian government, visit the page on the composition of the government.

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What are the main new features?

The architecture of the website has been completely redesigned so that all the services offered by the Résidence Palace - International Press Centre are set out in a logical way: services for the press, services for event organisers, and information about the Résidence Palace building. This was done using the open-source content management system Drupal (originally developed in Belgium).


The most striking new features are:

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Why has the website been revamped?

The previous version of the Presscenter.org website was developed in 2004. A lot has changed in the online world since then: at that time, the uploading, playing and sharing of audio and video files was much less widespread, aspects such as content syndication (e.g. RSS feeds) were still in their infancy, and smartphones had not been invented. It is therefore high time for a new version of the website, one that meets all the requirements of today’s internet users.

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