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OLO auction of 18 November 2019 is still scheduled

By Jean Deboutte

As a result of the OLO auction of 23 September 2019 and its first non-competitive tour, total OLO issuance in 2019 reached EUR 28.253 billion, slightly exceeding the target of EUR 28.0 billion for the whole year. The Belgian Debt Agency’s 2019 funding plan however also mentioned Euro Medium Term Notes and Schuldscheine to be issued for an amount of EUR 2.0 billion, and State Notes for EUR 0.25 billion. At this stage, only EUR 0.051 billion has been issued of all these instruments together. As it is uncertain whether attractive funding opportunities for any of these instruments will occur during the remainder of the year, the Belgian Debt Agency continues scheduling the OLO auction of 18 November 2019 for the time being.


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