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Green OLO reopening

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Par Jean Deboutte

In line with the 2019 financing plan announced in December 2018, the Belgian Debt Agency envisages to reopen the Green OLO (OLO 1.25% - 22 April 2033) issued last year, in order to further ensure the liquidity of this benchmark bond.  The current outstanding of the Green OLO is €4.5 billion.

The proceeds of the 2019 taps of the Green OLO will be allocated to Green Eligible Expenditures selected in line with the “Green OLO Framework” delivered at the inaugural issuance ( of the Green OLO and reviewed ex-ante by Sustainalytics, a Second Party Opinion Provider. The selection of these expenditures is based upon the advice of an inter-Ministerial Working Group.

The available Green Eligible Expenditures, backing 2019 issuance, amount to a maximum of € 2.5 bn.  They consist of selected budgetary and tax expenditures for the year 2019  as well as for the year 2018 provided that these selected expenditures have not been matched with proceeds from the 2018 issuance of the Green OLO.


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