Logistical support

The International Press Centre provides the best facilities for organisers of press conferences, seminars or discussions. You can find examples on ‘Our conference rooms’.

It enables the journalists who you invite to provide media coverage for your event to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.


You can also order additional equipment such as the use of interpreters’ booths in the three conference halls (Polak, Passage and Maelbeek), PCs, beamers, flipcharts, etc.

The Polak additionally offers the services of a technician who can help you to record the event using a remote-controlled camera.


You can also use the services of our restaurant to provide catering for your event. You can pop into the restaurant and choose from our brasserie menu, or, with one of our packages, you can ask us to prepare a special dinner menu.


Would you like more information, or would you like to organise an event in the International Press Centre? If you do, please e-mail us at of telephone on: .