The building

The main entrance of the Résidence PalaceThe Résidence Palace is an apartment complex from the interwar period, built by architect Michel Polak and financed by Lucien Kaisin. It was one of the first apartment complexes in Brussels and was the symbol for the roaring twenties. Several rooms still serve as a beautiful example of the Art Deco style, which was very popular at the time.


The patio

The patio, or inner court, with its fountain in ceramic tiles is, together with the swimming pool, still one of the most authentic spaces of the Résidence Palace. Although the decor may give you the impression that you are in Andalusia, Belgium, unfortunately, does not have the same climate as southern Spain. That is why the Council of Ministers decided in to build a roof over the patio so that it could be used as a central meeting place year round.

The Résidence Palace patio


The cafe restaurant

The cafe restaurant is located in what used to be the Banqueting Hall of the Résidence Palace. The decor again looks as it once did, with the original colours from the. Not much has changed here. But it is no longer the residents of the apartment complex who come here to enjoy a refreshing drink or a delicious dish, but visitors including journalists from Belgium and abroad.