After the Passage is the Maelbeek conference room. This third conference room is named after the river Maelbeek, in whose valley the is situated. Slightly larger than the Passage, this room is suitable for medium-scale conferences.


The Maelbeek, just like the Passage, is highly versatile. It can accommodate from 25 to 56 persons, depending on the layout. There is room for 4 speakers and there are 2 interpreters’ booths and an LCD projector with a large screen. The room is also suitable for audio recordings.


Technical details

The following is available in the Maelbeek:

  • PC with internet connection
  • remote control for PowerPoint presentations



  • 4 x microphones
  • 2 x wireless mikes
  • CD player
  • audio recording (CD, MP3, WAV)
  • 2 x passive loudspeaker
  • 1 x E-PAC audio amplifier
  • 1 x graphic equaliser



  • 1 x projector (3500 ANSI lumen)
  • 1 x projection screen
  • DVD player



  • 2 x interpreting booths
  • individual wireless headsets for interpreting
  • audio recording of the interpreting



  • 9 x adjustable spotlights
  • 1 x adjustable soft light



  • wireless network
  • Ethernet connections available in various bandwidths
  • analogue and digital phone lines
  • 12 x audio tie lines (XLR connector)
  • 7 x video tie lines (SDI on bnc connector)
  • tri-axial sockets for multiple camera recordings
  • audio connection for audiovisual press

Capacity: 25 to 56 + 4 speakers


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